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Construction products and systems

We ensure the functional properties of construction materials, products and systems in terms of the requirements set by the market, user or authorities. We assist in solving technical problems related to the products or production. Our expertise and testing services are available to you in the product development phase, shortening the products' time to market.

Our customers mainly operate in the construction, construction product, building services engineering and shipbuilding industries, and the forest industry. Our services are used to support research and product development, type testing of products and systems, market entry, and maintenance of Finnish and international approvals.

The testing and conformity assessment services cover the following products and systems

Building products and components

  • concrete, concrete products and structures
  • cement and other adhesives
  • brickwork, plastering products, masonry
  • waterproofing membranes, waterproofing kits
  • bitumen roof waterproofing materials, underlayers and other building films
  • heat insulation materials
  • paints, lacquers and film coatings
  • plastic materials and composites
  • reinforcing steels, reinforcements and load transfering steel parts
  • sheet metal products and sandwich products
  • mechanical testing of building boards
  • glass in building, glass constructions
  • doors and windows
  • building acoustic products and solutions
  • locks

Building services products and systems

  • ventilation and air conditioning products
  • air filters
  • heat pumps
  • low-energy systems
  • plastic pipes
  • water and sewage systems
  • small-scale wastewater treatment products

Low-energy construction solutions and products

  • R&D services
  • expert services for the engineering and construction phase
  • ensuring functionality and energy efficiency during operation
  • training of professionals

Products for building protection and security engineering

  • public shelter equipment, products and systems
  • natural disasters and other emergencies (terrorism, typhoon, tornado, tsunami, hurricane, explosions)
  • earthquake resistance
  • air tightness of large premises
  • break-in security products

Other products and services

  • Geotextiles
  • Aineenkoetuskoneiden kenttäkalibrointi
  • Environmental noise
  • Glass in vehicles
  • Bridge waterproofing materials

Our competence and versatile experimental skills assist in solving functional problems related to products and production. The assignments are tailored to the customer's needs, leveraging our long-term experience in testing. Our equipment can be used to investigate strength, durability, acoustic, thermal or other functional properties in a variety of conditions during the product's lifecycle. It is possible to evaluate the effects of temperature, moisture, solar radiation and wear, for instance, in condition tests.

Additional information

Juhani Hyvärinen
Business Manager
+358 20 722 4299

Miko Makkonen
Manager, Sales, Construction Products
+358 20 722 5488