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Quality checking for paper traders

Today, the changes in media and new printing processes are putting increased and higher customer requirements on printing papers. Print houses increasingly are demanding multi-purpose papers, usable in different and more efficient printing processes. Hybrid-printing is also tightening the requirements of paper selection and qualities. The need for paper to be printable in both off set and ink jet is a top priority resulting in limitations to both the physical and printing properties of paper.

VTT Expert Services Ltd can provide paper traders with support to identify the most suitable papers quality and grades that meet customer specifications or provide support in solving customer complaint cases. Our laboratory is well equipped for analyzing the composition of paper as well as testing strength, structure and optical properties. We provide laboratory printing combined with advanced microscopy and image analyses. Our experts can assure the right paper quality, grade or composition for your customers.


Kari Niemi
Paper and Printing
020 722 7470

Eva Sandås
Fiber Use and Papermaking
020 722 7503