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Support for pulp producers

VTT Expert Services Ltd is committed to continuously respond to customers´ needs by offering analytical services and moreover, developing more advanced analyses and testing methods for pulp mill pulping and recovery processes.

Our experts have a long, in-depth and broad experience of fiber raw materials, fibers and recovery analyses. Along with the standardized methods, several in house methods have been developed to characterize fibers and recovery streams. We provide chemical analysis, microscopy, testing of fibers and furnishes, refining, paper making and physical testing of strength, structure and optical properties of paper.

We can help in trouble shooting and process optimization and provide support of your research and development of new processes and side products e.g. bio chemicals. We also support your marketing and customer service in choosing the right pulp for the fiber based end product of your customers.

Our staff can also be hired for trials in your own mill. We e.g. provide support for startups and mill trials, process optimization and trouble shooting.

Additional information

Jorma Torniainen
Recovery Analyses
+358 20 722 7516

Eva Sandås
Fiber Use and Papermaking
+358 20 722 7503