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Exposure testing of different materials

Exposure of pulp and paper to variables such as heat, humidity or light can cause unfavorable physical and chemical changes. With different ageing treatments the long-term usage and storage conditions of pulp and paper can be simulated. A typical problem caused by light and heat is the yellowing of paper. Also strength properties may weaken with long-term exposure. Several different daylight testing sources are available in our laboratories.

Good dimensional stability is a desired property for papers subjected to varying humidity conditions. We have optical methods for measuring dimension stability of paper and board. Also hygro-expansion induced curl can be measured. In the tropical room, physical properties of the samples can be tested in simulated temperature and moisture conditions.

We have facilities for testing different conditions; hot, cold and tropical conditions. We have several chambers of different size in which the temperature can be modified from -40oC up to +180oC and the humidity in the range from 0% to 98%.

Our chambers and devices can be used also for materials other than paper, board or pulp such as plastics or wood materials. For corrosion testing we have chambers with salt mist testing and gas testing.


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