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Web forming, drainage and runnability


The effects of pulp properties on web forming, drainage and paper properties with different paper recipes can be studied in dynamic conditions with a semi-pilot paper machine (Kisu). The environment is temperature controlled (range 20 – 60 oC) and well instrumented out of process chemistry point of view.

The Forming unit consists of a controllable wire section with six independent vacuum boxes, flow rates being 2 – 5 l/s. Small amounts (4 – 6 kg of abs dry pulp) of pulps are needed for pulp behaviour studies. 
VTT brochure: Short circulation device for process chemistry research

The runnability potential of the pulps in press or dryer sections can be studied with the Impact device. This method enables reliable and repeatable tensile strength and residual tension measurements for wet and dry samples (laboratory sheets or web samples).

The Impact device gives an opportunity to estimate the effect of furnish composition, refining and fiber properties on paper machine dryer section runnability.
VTT brochure: Runnability potential measurement of wet web at VTT

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