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Pulping and bleaching studies


VTT’S unique possibilities for laboratory-scale pulping and bleaching trials enable analyses and assessments of all common chemical pulping methods. These include kraft, sulphite, soda, oxygen and other sulphur-free methods. Laboratory digesters of various sizes and types are available fore a wide range of process studies.

VTT’S Fiber Line equipment is the most technological advanced in this area that can be used to investigate modern cooking and bleaching methods and to analyze mill scale fiber lines coupled with improvement possibilities now and in the future.
VTT brochure: Fiber Line

All chemicals used in current or future fiber lines can be used in our versatile bleaching equipment. The wide range of reactor sizes available (5-2500 g/pulp) also provides the opportunity to use advanced refining equipment in the evaluation of the papermaking potential of the bleached pulp.

Typical applications of bleaching studies include optimization of bleaching stages and sequences, testing new chemicals e.g. enzymes, and tailoring the bleaching sequence for a specific pulp.

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