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Benchmarking of pulp, paper and packaging


VTT Expert Services Ltd can provide detailed information of any pulp.

Evaluations include:

  • Analysis of fiber raw materials by light microscopy (wood species, non wood fibers, proportion of various cell types)
  • Fiber dimensions usually analyzed by automatic devices (FS 300), but in more detail also by light microscopy or SEM
  • Analysis of fibrillation and fiber damages
  • Purity (dirt and shives, brightness)
  • Chemical properties (carbohydrates, lignin, extractives content and composition, metals etc.)
  • All relevant papermaking properties after standard beating in a PFI mill or after refining in a Voith laboratory refiner. The latter gives an evaluation of pulps after realistic mill-like refining conditions with true net energy consumption

The pulps can also be evaluated for various paper and board applications by making furnish sheets in a standard or dynamic sheet former.

Benchmarking of various paper and board products can be made accordingly. For example, the fiber or pulp type composition can easily be analyzed qualitatively of quantitatively. We offer you a wide competence base for testing paper, packaging materials and printability. We support customers in developing their existing products and introducing totally new end-products based on biomaterials.

Our laboratory has a world class portfolio of testing and analyses capabilities. For planning the testing and analyses of your materials, our expertise can be fully utilized and the value of the results acquired can substantially benefit your products.

For more information please contact
VTT Expert Services Ltd
Eva Sandås, eva.sandas(at)vtt.fi

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